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5 Fabulous Gifts for Mum this Mothers Day

What does every Mum want on Mothers Day? In my opinion, you can't  go wrong with anything handmade or an unforgettable experience.
Reasons why? 1. its made with love, 2. its given with meaning and 3. nobody else has the same gift!

Perfect, but these type of gifts tend to change once the child becomes adult and has their own credit card. And who can blame them, Its so easy to shop online for next day delivery with sites like Amazon and Etsy. Only this is different, this is for mum, and mum doesn't always have to be the woman who gave birth to you. Mum can be whoever loved you and cared for you like a mother normally would. 

Creating this list hasn't been easy, but its definitely been loads of fun. I hope you'll find inspiration and possibly create something really special for mum this Mothers day. 


Pottery for Beginners,

Do you remember making clay pots at school, waiting for them to dry then painting them ready to take home for mum?

Noahsbox, is a London based company which specialises is starter kits. They have a pottery starter kit which they say has  "Everything you need to dive into the world of pottery - even if it's just for one evening." They have a 10% off special discount on their starter kits at the moment, so don’t waste time get messy!  
They are also highly rated on trust pilot, so you know your spending is safe and worthwhile.

Pottery Starter Kit contains:2x Packs of Air-Dry Clay

  • 8pc Pottery Tool Set
  • Set of 3 Paint Brushes
  • 1x White Acrylic Paint
  • 1x Clear Varnish
  • 6pc Colour Paint set of your choice (optional)
  • A Pottery Beginners Guide
There are 2 ways you could give this gift, either wrap the kit up as a project to do together and spend some real quality time with one another or you could make the pothousing a plant ready to give on the day. 
Carve, sculpt, and paint your way through our Pottery Starter Kit.  Packed with everything you need to dive into the world of pottery, whether that is starting a new hobby, date night or simply, an evening of play with clay.  Pottery Starter Kit contains:  2x Packs of Air-Dry Clay 8pc Pottery Tool Set Set of 3 Paint Brushes 1x White Acrylic Paint 1x Clear Varnish 6pc Colour Paint set of your choice (optional) A Pottery Beginners Guide



Horse & Carriage Experience

Sometimes Mum has everything she needs and wants, so what can you give her? An experience!

We found Horse and Carriage Rides with Ascot Carriages in Windsor.

You can book a horse drawn carriage all year round, as you visit the 18th century woodland, lakes and gardens.

Windsor Great Park has 5,000 acres of impressive landscapes and forestry. In true style you can share the experiences that many monarchs have enjoyed, helping your mum live like a queen for the day.

These glorious carriages drawn by Henry and Delwyn, accommodate 4 adults comfortably or 3 adults and 3 children. Tours are 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

For information on bookings you can contact Jo Buick 07811 543019 or email info@ascotcarriages.co.uk to book. Or for more information please visit www.ascotcarriages.co.uk.
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Mindfull Macrame

Last year I discovered macrame! Oh the joy. You can totally lose yourself in bundles of cotton cords. I found myself knotting away night after night..it’s addictive.

It’s one of those crafts you can just have so much fun with it and find yourself in a meditative state aswell. A real mindful craft.

I understand it looks a bit tricky so I found these gorgeous macrame kits on the John Lewis website.  The Little Botanical Macrame & Trailing Plant Set is a great introduction to the world of macrame whilst making a beautiful bohemian gift for mum this Mother’s Day.

You’ll get step by step instructions so you’re not thrown in the deep end, and they even have step 1 and step 2 tutorial videos you can watch..superb.

If you’re feeling really brave you could make the pot from idea No.1 and hang it up with your macrame plant pot creation!

Double up the gifts for those extra special mums.

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Photo Snow Globe

A beautiful simple but effective gift is a personalised snow globe you can create yourself. Just add your photos to the inside of the snow globe and choose between hearts or snow flakes as an extra special touch.

These personalised snow globes make amazing mothers day gifts.

They are available in store at most ASDA stores. Select two of your favourite photos, and pair them with your choice of hearts or snow.

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Personalised Plaque

Maybe you're not artistic or crafty, but you know what type of gift you want to give. You have a special place you want remind mum of or a colour schemed design in mind. Having something completely designed and made from start to finish can be rather costly and time consuming, this is not the case with the personalised gift design service PaddyRose offer. 

The unique and rather original horseshoe key hooks handmade by PaddyRose, you can literally email over a colour scheme or a design you want and we can paint it for you onto one of our plaques, using it as a perfect backdrop for the hooks. You can chose to have a lucky horseshoe nailed to the plaque or just have your design on its own. We are happy to help with your design in any way we can. Our design service is completely free and there's no time limit on ideas and inspirations.

We absolutely love helping you come up with a really unique and wonderful gift for that special person on Mothers Day.

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