How to make Valentines Day special on a Budget

How to make Valentines Day special on a Budget

You can be lucky in love, but don’t rely completely on the universe. It’s good to ask for things you believe in and it’s helpful to put things in place to help those beliefs become reality. It’s time to take action, If you love somebody then let them know and make this years Valentines Day the most special day ever.

The most romantic day of the year will soon be upon us, so be prepared. Preparation prevents poor performance. 

We’ve come up with 5 unique and fairly inexpensive ways of showing someone special you love and care for them. Obviously these ideas don't suit everybody but we think you'll find at least one idea that's just right for you.


Valentines Day Ideas: No.1 

Everybody loves a clean car, but we don't always have the time to to clean our cars ourselves. Can you imagine the feeling of climbing into your car not knowing it's been lovingly blitzed by someone special. Heres what to do, borrow their car, take it to a fuel station and vacuum it completely using the on site vacuum machine available near most air pumps. All major Tesco stores around the UK have these vacuum machines available to hire.

Use biodegradable wet wipes to wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel then pop it through a car wash. 

Finally buy a heart shaped air freshener. We found these fabulous lava stone air fresheners from Feelthelovegifts on Etsy, they are handmade in Cornwall down in the southwest of the UK.

When you give the car back to your special person, don’t tell them what you’ve been up to, just sit and wait. It will drive them crazy for sure. ❤️

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Valentines Day Ideas: No.2 

The old saying ‘the way to a mans heart is through his stomach’ does apply to women as well, and chocolate surely is the nations favourite flavour of love. Its been said that when somebody eats chocolate, the brain releases endorphins. say "chocolates improve mood, brain cognition, and even metabolism", so here's what we suggest:

Bake heart shaped brownies and pop them inside their lunch box without them knowing. Betty Crocker has a great recipe to follow, you can find it on their website

Heart shaped brownies by Betty Crocker link to recipe website for valentines day


For those of you who are useless in the kitchen like me, you can always find them online at Yumbles where they claim to have "Heart Shaped Brownies from the best Heart Shaped Brownie artisan makers in the UK"

This is a real subtle but effective message and will surely work a treat. ❤️


Valentines Day Ideas: No.3

This one requires a bit of planning, write 5 notes with the first note leading to the next note. 

Hang them on various trees around a local park. Heart shaped post it notes from are a perfect example, for £2.99 you get 2 packs of Post-it Notes Heart Shape 75 Sheets 70 x 72mm.

Take your loved one for a walk in the park and guide them to note number 1, finish with a note saying ‘I love You’. If you want to make it really official, you can even carve both your initials into a tree. ❤️


Valentines Day Ideas: No.4

"If music be the food of love, play on" is the first line in the play The Twelfth Night written by William Shakespear.

Get in-touch with your local radio station and ask them to play your special song with a heart felt message. Radio stations like have regional stations more local to your area so maybe a good one to try. Click the pink hearts to find your local station 💗💗💗

If you don’t have a special song, pick a song that reminds you of then, this will forever be the song. 

Be sure to have the radio on around your loved one so they really get the message. They will be singing your praises forever. ❤️

Valentines Day Ideas: No.5 

One of the most meaningful gifts of all is giving someone the key to your heart. For those of you who do not yet live together but have been thinking about doing so for sometime.  Buy a PaddyRose heart and horseshoe key hooks plaque which comes its its own box.

You can get a brand new set of door keys made from Timpsons. They say "All of our stores offer a key cutting service with the vast majority done whilst you wait" so there's no need to book a delivery.

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