Ethical, recyclable and biodegradable packaging with starch peanuts

A Company with a Conscience.

As a family, for years we have recycled and reused everything possible. Cardboard, metal, wood, you name it and we will find another purpose for it.

We have always been passionate about our planet, so when we created PaddyRose Horseshoe Gifts, we knew we wanted to be an eco-friendly business.

It's vital that we use plastic free packaging as plastic packaging is one of our planets biggest problems. have this year reported that "plastic packaging in the UK accounts for nearly 70% of our plastic waste, making packaging the primary focus of The UK Plastics Pact". 

To find out more and see how you can help make a change too, please watch this video below made by the NPEC and show by  Ellen McArthur Foundation


All our horseshoes are made in the UK from low carbon mild steel. We like to use UK based companies who make their own products as this helps to lower our carbon footprint. Our macrame cord used to create our Natural Macrame Wedding Horseshoes is also produced in the UK. Its 100% soft cotton rope made and produced by James Lever of Everlasto, who are based in Bolton, UK

The wood we use for all our key hooks  and palques is sustainably sourced locally and on some projects we use reclaimed timber. We only source wood from suppliers who are registered with the FSC this is The Forest Stewadship Council who are the worlds most trusted sustainable forest management solution.

Please watch video below to see how and why they manage our planets forests. Hope we aren't boring you, we get so excited about this sort of


Lets move on to the paints. We use are water based, this means they are solvent free, no bad smells. We do not use any toxic paints or aerosol paint sprays. Everything is hand painted with a brush.

The paints we use are made by Farrow & Ball. Their sustainability statements says, "their paints are created to work in harmony with every part of our world and score the highest grade for the lowest emissions".

Another plus with Farrow & Ball paints is they are made also made in the UK and are cruelty free! Being cruelty free is essential to us as we adore all animals and cannot understand why tests made for these products. We wrote a blog about the paints we use and our passion to end animal cruelty. Just click the horse for further reading. 🐴

So as you can see we have really considered our actions when producing our gifts. We aim to try our best to lower the carbon footprints of all our products.

When you buy wedding horseshoe or any other horseshoe gift from PaddyRose, you know it hasn't been mass produced and every step possible has been taken to ensure the right things were always done.



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