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Cruelty Free Paints

When I first started painting horseshoes, I searched everywhere for paints that were environmentally friendly. It used to be the case many years ago, metal paints would usually contain harsh ingredients in order to protect the metal from rusting, but not anymore. I was actually amazed at how many eco friendly and solvent free paint companies there are. I was impressed.

It also dawned on me that some paint companies actually test on animals! Really?? So this isn't just a cosmetic problem we have.

I do not have a product in my home unless its cruelty free. My bleach, my shampoo, my soaps and washing liquids, its all cruelty free as it should be. If Sainsbury and Waitrose can make all their own cleaning brands cruelty free then why can't every company. It's quite shocking to see how many products in the UK are made by companies who still test on animals. If there's no bunny on the label, look them up on the Peta website. You'll be shocked!

So of course I wanted to find a paint that met my requirements, environmentally conscience, solvent free and cruelty free paints. 

I found a few companies out there who I use and the paints are fantastic. Lakeland Paints are vegan and cruelty free. They have a wide range of excellent products that are all VOC free, Organic and Odourless, which is brilliant because the smell of some paints can give me a migraine from hell.

Another popular paint company is Farrow & Ball who are totally against animal testing. This made me happy as I really love their colours. Price wise you pay a bit more but, it means you can sleep at night knowing that you're doing your bit for the planet.

I think on average a 1L tin of eggshell paint would cost around £15, Farrow & Ball 750ml eggshell is around £28. So almost double in price but the standard in my opinion is worth it. I also find it goes further, so works out better in the long run.

They say you can spend money trying to save money. I know that I could use cheaper products, but I just wouldn't be happy with the end result. 

For more information on Farrow & Ball paints Just click the image below.

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