LGBTQ+ Pride flag with inclusivity and diversity

Its Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month everyone, we hope you have a wonderful experience.

We are big supporters of the LGBT+ community, but we find one thing that seems to be forgotten about this month is its actual origin. Pride month first came about in 1999 when America’s President at the time, Bill Clinton, labelled June as Gay and Lesbian month.

The reason for this was because every June since the awful Stonewall riots in 1969, people have gathered and protested for LGBT+ rights.

Bill Clinton officially making June Pride month with a LGBTQ+ pride flag

Pride has become drastically more popular and supported throughout the years by more and more countries as they caught wind of the event and its purpose.

In June 2009, Barack Obama made a change and added bisexual, trans and all of LGBT+ rights into the month’s name and its celebrations, meaning June really is a month for complete equality and acceptance.

And so, we wish everyone a beautiful month, a time too recognise how far LGBT+ has come, and how far it will go in the future. And obviously, a time to celebrate our own identities and spread love to everyone else. 

Below is a brief guide to the Pride flag colours and representations.

Black  Diversity 
Brown Inclusivity
Red life
Orange  Healing
Yellow Sunlight
Green Nature
Blue Harmony
Purple Spirit
Turquoise Art
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