Original and Real Horseshoe gifts for new homes and unique weddings for 2022. Polka dot home decor with key holder, key hooks, key rack. Good luck gifts for housewarming and new jobs.  Gold star hand made in the UK pvc free

Not On The High Street Just Yet

Im about to apply to www.notonthehighstreet.com (NOTH) again , infact it will be my third attempt.
This company by the way is a national website that sells unique gifts that may not necessarily be in a high street store.
In a way I’m glad they rejected me as I now know I wasn’t ready. But the second  time I felt more than ready.
I read through all the criteria points they require your items to have and decided to look at my catalogue more carefully to make sure it met these requirements.

I was becoming an established brand and I had made sure I had insurance in all the right areas. 

I had joined the ICO which is the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and is the independent regulatory office in charge of upholding information rights in the interest of the public.
I had made sure I was doing everything I could within my power to run my business in the most eco friendly ethical way possible.
In my eyes I was becoming a unique business to be proud of.

When I looked through their website, I could see a lot of personalised gifts, customisable gifts and unique items, but also a lot of stuff I personally felt wasn’t unique.
So I was confused as to why I had been rejected.
I’m not blinkered, I can see where  my brand fits and where it doesn’t  fit in today’s markets. I also know that my horseshoe gifts aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. The one thing I do know is that I’m original and that’s what I need to promote and focus on.

It’s really easy when you are a creative person, to lose sight and move from one idea to another. I’m really guilty of this but I do love crafting these gifts, infact I’m absolutely passionate about them so staying focused hasn’t be difficult at all.

I knew my products needed to show a uniformed look. I needed to guarantee each gift will look like the one in the photo.
This was fine, I know I can do this. As long as a slight variation is acceptable as they are handmade and hand painted after all.
I needed to show I was unique, I actually feel that PaddyRose is very unique because I am the only business creating these type of glorious gifts.

There are many wonderful horseshoe gifts available on NOTH but mine are real horseshoes hand painted and securely fixed to solid wooden painted plaques, I’d say that’s quite unique.

Once I had a nice little catalogue of collections together from polka dot designs to wild animal print creations I decided it was time to

application horseshoe gifts, wild animal print gifts, real horseshoe key rack, zebra print, handmade hand painted gifts ethical shopping available online www.notonthehighstreet.com Horseshoe gifts

Sadly yet again I was rejected.
This is fine, I’m ok with this because I obviously need to be better.
There’s something not quite right.
I need to keep going, onwards and upwards.

I went through a few sad days, wondering why I wasn’t good enough, wondering whether I was going insane and actually started questioning my little business, was it really any good?

I asked myself, would I buy my own product? The answer was Yes!
I actually use my own product and it works really well so why wouldn’t anybody else and why wouldn’t NOTH want to list me.

Every day is a brand new day.
I needed to be persistent so I decided I would send my products to their head office in Richmond, Surrey.
Perhaps if they see them and hold them they might like them. 
I kind of got a sense that perhaps they don’t realise how big they are.
It then dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t marketing them properly.

I needed to get the message across that my key holder racks were bigger than they my actually appear in the photos.
It’s easy to put a measurement down in the description but you can’t beat a comparison photograph for a quick easy reference to size.

Photography became my new experience.
I actually do not believe in Jack’s of all trades. I believe in getting the right person for the job. But I didn’t have a budget for this yet.
I am not a photographer. Photography it’s a real art that takes years and years of training and I haven’t had that, but I’m all I have for now.

After snapping away 300+ pics on my iPhone I reckon I managed 5 or 6 descent shots and I didn’t actually rate them much either.

Im wasting my time, I need a photographer.
Sometimes you can spend more money trying to save money.
Photographer friend found! Yes!

To be continued......

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