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Where to buy PVC Free Vinyl

Being eco conscious means a lot to me, so when creating each lucky Horseshoe gift, it’s always been important I don’t contradict myself.
Im constantly looking for better and easier ways to do things. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the easy part to be better for the environment.
It’s like getting fit, at first it’s an effort but after a while you reap the benefits.

I like to listen to the radio through out the day and I’ve been following the United Nations (UN) Climate change conference.
I was astonished with some of the facts I was hearing and also very concerned as I had just brought myself a new Cricut maker machine to cut vinyl with and I was unaware of the toxic contents it contained.

There’s certain projects I can’t paint myself so I decided to get a bit of help. The Cricut maker 3 really is a fabulous bit of kit but I had no idea the amount of toxic issues involved with vinyl and as I pride myself with minimal waste, I realised I was going down the wrong road

Well I’m not one to give up easily.
Who says I have to use Cricut PVC vinyl?
Surely there’s somewhere out there in the UK where I can source eco friendly vinyl?

Thank goodness for Google. They always come up trumps. I found a company called GrafityP who make 100% toxic free, PVC free and VoC free vinyl.
Oh my goodness the excitement in me was ridiculous. I had found a solution.
I did not have to return my Cricut to Hobbycraft after all.

So now I have my PVC free vinyl and my waste goes into making other products. Sorted.
Where there’s a will there’s a way. I love that saying.

GravityP is a company based in Tamworth Staffordshire.
They manufacture and distribute self adhesive sign making films, digital print media, laminates and automotive & deco films.
Grafityp have more than 65 years of brilliant service to the sign industry.
I felt they really knew their stuff and were a step ahead of other companies when it came to environmental issues.

As concerns have grown over the use of phthalates in the production of PVC, companies have expressed an interest in using only PVC FREE vinyls. GrafityP has manufactured and sourced an excellent range of PVC FREE products which offers an environmentally alternative to traditional PVC Films.

I have found it is more expensive than the normal films but I have peace of mind using this.
I believe this is the way forward for all vinyls and find it rather alarming that PVC media products are still being manufactured considering the negative impact they are having on our planet and our health.

For more information on PVC free vinyls and other eco friendly media products go to www.grafityp.com


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