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Red head girl cuddling pony. girls arms wrapped around a black ponies neck. supporting mental health awareness. mindful thinking and animal therapy can really help people with mental health issues.

Mental Health Awareness week

Coming out of Lockdown. How does it make you feel? Are you ready for life to return to the way it was? Or have you found a new way of living.
Vegetable starch peanut packaging for eco boxes. used to help create a good ethical business. Green planet surrounded by conscientious companies.

A Company with a Conscience.

As a family, for years we have recycled and reused everything possible. We have always been passionate about our planet, so when we created PaddyRose we knew we wanted to be an eco-friendly company. Its important to us to make sure our packaging is plastic free. Everything you order comes with ca...
Tradition used horseshoe on a bale of straw in the stables. lucky used horseshoe gifts can bring good luck

Why are horseshoes given for good luck?

Horseshoes have long been associated with bringing good luck. But where did this tradition come from?  It’s an age-old tradition that dates back over a thousand years. Legend has it, that in the 10th century, the devil visited St Dunstan at his forge, demanding to have a shoe fitted to his clov...