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LGBTQ+ Pride flag with inclusivity and diversity

Its Pride Month!

Happy pride month everyone, we hope you have a wonderful experience. We are big supporters of the LGBT+ community, but we find one thing that seems to be forgotten about this month is its actual origin. Pride month first came about in 1999 when America’s President at the time, Bill Clinton, labe...
cruelty free paints farrow and ball painted horseshoes

Cruelty Free Paints

When I first started painting horseshoes, I searched everywhere for paints that were environmentally friendly. It used to be the case many years ago, metal paints would usually contain harsh ingredients in order to protect the metal from rusting, but not anymore. I was actually amazed at how many...
Horseshoe in London Piccadilly Circus with London Underground

Customise Your Horseshoe Gift

Our horseshoes are pre-loaded with an abundance of luck for their new owners. They are handmade in the UK from a low carbon steel. We remove the rust, clean them, prime them and hand paint them using solvent free paints.  We can customise any of the horseshoes to your specifications, add persona...
Ethical, recyclable and biodegradable packaging with starch peanuts

A Company with a Conscience.

As a family, for years we have recycled and reused everything possible. We have always been passionate about our planet, so when we created PaddyRose we knew we wanted to be an eco-friendly company. Its important to us to make sure our packaging is plastic free. Everything you order comes with ca...
Traditional horseshoe on straw bale or hay stack

Why are horseshoes Lucky?

Horseshoes have long been associated with bringing good luck. But where did this tradition come from?  It’s an age-old tradition that dates back over a thousand years. Legend has it, that in the 10th century, the devil visited St Dunstan at his forge, demanding to have a shoe fitted to his clov...

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