About Us

PaddyRose is a family run business based in a little village called Aylesford in the Garden of England, Kent.

We are a horse and pony family who have always been surrounded with horseshoes, so we decided to do something with them. It's not always easy to make a gift from a used horseshoe and with that in mind we decided to use our new handmade original horseshoes.

When we researched the history of the lucky horseshoe and were pleased to find that a horseshoe doesn't have to be used to be lucky, it just needs to be authentic.

We make every gift with care and consideration to the environment. We are passionate about our planet therefore we have chosen to go completely plastic free. 

Our goal is to spread the feeling of being lucky and doing well. We want to bring as much love, luck and happiness to as many people as possible, it makes us feel good too!

Every PaddyRose horseshoe is made with those exact intentions in mind. Our horseshoes are loaded with luck and our hearts are loaded with love.