Our Ethics

Save the planet, Eco packaging peanuts from vegetable starch - ethical thinking - cruelty free
Everything you order from us can be recycled or reused and the eco peanut space fillers that come with some of the products, are completely biodegradable.  

The giant wotsits (as the kids call them) are completely compostable too, totally odourless and dust free as well as plastic free. 

Run the peanuts under the tap and watch them disappear, its fun for the little ones to have a go. They are made from GM free vegetable starch which minimises the impact on the environment...how amazing is that!

Hope we aren't boring you, we get so excited about this sort of stuff....

The paints we use are water based, this means they are solvent free. We do not use any toxic paints or aerosol paint sprays. Everything is hand painted with a brush.

So as you can see we have really considered our actions when producing our gifts. We seriously want to try our best to lower the carbon footprints of all our products.

When you buy a gift from PaddyRose you know it has not been mass produced and every step possible has been taken to ensure the right things were done.