Personalised Horseshoe Gifts

We can personalise your horseshoe gift or any of our products.

Please send us an email with your requirements and we will get in touch to discuss things in further detail.

Our Horseshoes

Our horseshoes are pre-loaded with an abundance of luck for their new owners.
They are handmade in the UK from a low carbon steel. When we use them, we remove the rust, clean them, prime them and hand paint them using solvent free paints. 

Your Own horseshoe

If you prefer to use your own horseshoe, that's no problem at all. Send us your shoe along with your name and order reference details to PaddyRose Ltd. We can apply your horseshoe to any of our products. We will clean your shoe without altering its shape or form.

Special Occasions

Do you have an event coming up and require a special unique gift for this occasion? We can amend or adapt any of our horseshoe gifts. We can even create a completely original piece. Please email us with any enquiries.


We understand how desperately sad times can be when your beloved horse or pony make that journey over the rainbow bridge.

When you are ready, we can create something really special for you from your special horseshoes. A beautiful memorial piece for you to keep in your home. 

We are always happy to discuss any options with you.